350 mm cartons

At JanBox you will find, among other things, 350 mm cartons made of the most durable 3- or 5-layer corrugated cardboard. The cartons are stiff and durable. And also favorably priced, making them an excellent purchase. For both small companies making mail order sales and the largest companies that send several hundred shipments a day. 350 mm cartons ordered from our company, that is, directly from the manufacturer, we deliver as quickly as possible. We also provide the possibility to design cartons in the selected size from scratch.

What makes JanBox 350 mm cardboard boxes different from others?

Our 300-400 mm cartons are not without reason regarded among entrepreneurs as excellently made. Because we focus on their highest possible quality. The side walls as well as the bottom and top are rigid and stable under the full allowable load. Do not change their shape and retain their structure throughout the shipping process. Such high durability is the result of our use of a modern production line and innovative machinery. Which ensure that each cardboard box is accurately made, maintaining its proper dimensions and structural characteristics. Corrugated cardboard effectively absorbs the energy of small impact. So it protects the shipped items even during a long global delivery of several months.

Our 350 mm cardboard boxes are checked on the production line by a specialized quality control cell. We check the entire production process on an ongoing basis and perform random inspection of dimensions and construction features. So as a customer you can be sure that 300-400 mm cartons will be in full compliance with expectations. In addition, we offer the possibility to order cartons in your own size. Not without significance is also the fact that our cartons are produced in harmony with nature, so their material is free from dangerous chemicals.

High quality goes hand in hand with a favorable price

350 mm cartons are perfect for any company that makes mail order sales and more. The e-commerce (e-commerce) market in Poland is growing year by year, and the share of online sales in many industries exceeds the volume of stationary, direct sales.  300-400 mm cartons can be used to deliver accessories. Electronic and household appliances , computer components, car parts and many, many more. The rigid construction and flawless structure of corrugated cardboard guarantees a high degree of protection of items from damage.

Why should you buy from the official JanBox store?

The JanBox brand has been on the market since 2002. And from the very beginning we have strived to offer our customers high quality at a good price. Order 300-400 mm cardboard boxes today and benefit from the lightning-fast delivery of your order and individual approach and assistance at every stage of cooperation. Our staff will be happy to provide you with a lot of information about our assortment by phone or email.