Archival cartons

Archiving documents has a very important function in any business. Storage of invoices, contracts and bills and various types of declarations is a huge problem for many companies, which fortunately can be solved in a very simple way – by buying archiving boxes. Cardboard boxes dedicated to document storage have optimal internal dimensions, including width, height and length, which definitely make it easier to store many documents and find them easily when needed. The matte outer surface makes it possible to write on the archive boxes and thus mark their contents. Be sure to browse all available variants and order today!

Why buy dedicated filing cartons?

Cardboard boxes for archiving documents look the same as standard models, but differ from them in external dimensions to fit the dimensions of binders and sheets of standard A4 size. Thanks to this, there is always perfect order inside them. Too much free space in the case of cartons not dedicated to archiving usually ends up with a lot of disorder, which should not happen in the case of cartons for archiving personal files and binders.

In addition, archiving boxes allow documents to be stored in the correct conditions when it comes to their security. Cartons are opaque, so they do not draw attention to themselves and the contents cannot be seen without opening them. It’s also not insignificant that filing cartons have a completely flat bottom, so they can be easily placed on any flat surface and placed one on top of the other to save a lot of space.

Disorganized documentation is a huge problem for any company regardless of its size, so filing cartons are an excellent choice for any business. It’s worth knowing that by law many documents must be kept for a minimum of 5 years or more, and failure to do so can result in penalties from the relevant authorities. Our filing cartons for binders provide full security and can be marked with markers on the outside, which will definitely make it easier to look for the correct documents whenever you need them.

The most important features of archive boxes

All of our document filing cartons are made of high-quality 3- or 5-layer corrugated cardboard, which is characterized by high structural rigidity. This makes the cartons safe to use, they do not change their dimensions after they are fully loaded with maximum documents, and they are also relatively resistant to the slight moisture present in some business premises. In addition, cartons for document archiving are carefully checked by our company at each stage of production. A specialized cell dedicated exclusively to quality control constantly monitors the production process and reacts in time to any possible errors and problems. As a result, our contractors always receive perfectly made cartons, which for many years have met all the expectations of the most demanding customers.

What do we care about at JanBox?

At JanBox, since 2002, we have been concerned about the welfare of our customers and strive to ensure that all products of our production are characterized by above-average quality and sensational workmanship. It is for this reason that our designers and technicians make many changes every year in the field of our cardboard boxes and try to ensure that they provide many years of intensive use.

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