Black stretch film

At JanBox we offer a variety of packaging products, including black stretch films, dedicated to demanding business and private customers. We present films differing in roll width and length in running meters. All of them are made of sensational quality linear low-density polyethylene LDPE, which guarantees sensational flexibility while maintaining high tightness. Be sure to browse all black stretch films and place your order today. We provide sensational customer service, as well as an individual approach to each order processed at JanBox.

Characteristics of black stretch film

The main and primary feature of the black stretch film produced by our company JanBox is its highest possible strength. The LDPE raw material used in its production is distinguished by high extensibility and elasticity, it is also thermoplastic and perfectly adapts to the shape of the packed items. Black stretch film and colorless film can be very precisely and tightly wrapped also particularly irregular objects, which can not be properly packed in any other way. This is especially important for companies that ship, for example, mechanical components.

It is worth knowing that black stretch film is a material that is completely resistant to water and particularly adverse weather conditions. It does not lose its elasticity at low and high temperatures, and the stretch and elasticity do not change. Thanks to this, it retains its attractive design throughout the shipping process, which in the case of shipping sales abroad can take up to several days or several weeks.

Why does black stretch film work in the shipping business?

The black stretch film offered in our JanBox store has several features, thanks to which it enjoys particularly high popularity on the mail-order market. The film sensationally protects various irregularly shaped items that cannot be packed in any other way. This effectively protects them from damage caused by the shipping process. However, this is not all. Stretch film can also bundle several smaller products together into a coherent whole. If they are squeezed tightly enough, you can successfully pack several-some individual products in such a way that they do not change position relative to each other and are safe throughout the shipping process. It is also an excellent solution for shipping items that require immobilization, such as levers or small moving parts.

Black stretch film has the advantage over transparent film in that it completely prevents suspicion of the contents. The black is deep and completely opaque with several layers, so it reduces the risk of theft or deliberate damage to the shipment by an employee or delivery person from the courier company.

Black stretch film of the highest quality, at the lowest price

As a manufacturer of cardboard packaging and packaging accessories JanBox, we offer a variety of top-quality products, and among them also stretch film in black and transparent color. We present it in several variants differing in the length of the tape and its width. The film is wound on a strong tube, so it can also be used for special equipment to facilitate the packaging process, such as for palletizing.

Be sure to browse through the stretch films available from our company today and take advantage of lightning-fast shipping and our long-standing presence in the market. We provide excellent customer service and compliance of the products received with the order, as well as the ability to order personalized items and manufactured to the size provided by the customer. We have a modern and innovative machinery and quality control cell, so we ensure sensational quality of our products and their durability at a low purchase price.