Boxes and Shipping Packaging

We are constantly focused on development, investing in modern technologies because we strive for shipping boxes that meet demanding criteria of quality, durability, and provide a convenient way to pack packages. We have prepared a diverse offer that allows for the selection of solutions tailored to individual preferences. The continuous growth of the e-commerce industry has been changing shopping habits for years and determining the stages of customer interest. One of the leading indicators of positive online shopping experiences is considered to be the delivery process. Swift, secure, and aesthetically delivered orders are key to customer satisfaction and building loyalty. Shipping boxes have been designed in a way that ensures the products placed inside are not damaged, just like the overall structure of the package. Why is stiffness and durability so important? From the recipient’s perspective, receiving a package with dents, tears, and deviations from an aesthetically finished look carries a high risk of complaints and damage. We produce our shipping boxes from high-quality 3- or 5-ply corrugated cardboard, which makes them rigid and sturdy without exceeding the allowable weight.

What sets Janbox shipping packaging apart?

Strength and solidity are not the only advantages that distinguish our shipping packaging. At Janbox, we attach great importance to the functionality of our presented solutions. That’s why our offer consists of boxes that easily fit into inPost parcel lockers, meet the criteria of the Polish Post, or provide adequate durability for large shipments. Among others, we offer inPost A, B, and C shipping packaging options. Which box to choose for packing packages in an online store depends on the type of services offered, their size, and the average value of orders placed by customers. All available options are popular because they allow for quick and convenient adaptation of shipping packaging. Dimension A measures 8 cm x 38 cm x 64 cm, dimension B measures 19 cm x 28 cm x 64 cm, and dimension C measures 41 cm x 38 cm x 64 cm. For postal shipments, the maximum dimensions are predetermined by the carrier, making it easier to estimate the required shipping packaging in a given size. Dimension A is characterized by measurements of 60 cm x 50 cm x 30 cm, while dimension B allows for the transport of larger items, up to 150 cm, without exceeding the width, length, and height of the packaging.

Flat shipping boxes made from natural materials

Attention to detail is definitely our priority. Years of experience in the market have allowed us to test many solutions that prove themselves in various usage conditions. We care about the functionality and aesthetics of our packaging. By using natural materials, we ensure that our flat shipping boxes do not become another useless waste. They allow for recycling, contributing to the environmental burden. Cardboard made entirely from natural resources stands out due to its exceptional durability. The rigid construction is invaluable when packing fragile contents susceptible to damage. Flat shipping boxes for vinyl records are one of the popular custom packaging options we offer at Janbox. In addition, we have prepared a convenient configurator option that allows for independent design of orders tailored to individual needs, taking into account all technical parameters.

Convenient and comfortable packaging box

When searching for the best shipping packaging, you undoubtedly expect quality, attractive prices, and ease of use. The functionality of the proposed solutions has a significant impact on the logistics process. The less time we spend on packaging a parcel, the greater the optimization and the possibility of efficiently providing services. Janbox packaging boxes are the result of years of experience in the industry, based on experimentation, testing, and above all, observing changing consumer needs. In addition to a professional approach and the quality of our offered solutions, customers can rely on comprehensive advice from our team and short order processing times.