Cardboard cartons, cardboard packaging manufacturer Janbox

They are used by many companies and probably everyone has them at home. Cardboard cartons show tremendous potential for transporting and storing things. It’s hard to find another such convenient yet durable product, which is additionally available at an affordable price. Can it get any better? Maybe, if you choose cardboard packaging from JANBOX. We have created a line of innovative accessories that can hold a lot of goods of different weights. We have an offer aimed at both companies and private customers.

Advantages of cardboard packaging

Practicality is the biggest advantage that cardboard packaging can boast. Cardboard boxes in the form of cuboids or cubes provide enormous possibilities for arranging goods. Their stackable nature is conducive to sending customers’ orders in them, which is why e-commerce companies are eager to use them. In addition, flat sides allow products to be stacked vertically, resulting in a reduction in the amount of space needed to store goods. This advantage is appreciated by logistics companies that deal with storage of goods. Finally, cardboard boxes are also recommended to individual customers. With their help you can easily send items to any address without worrying about their condition.

High durability of cardboard boxes

Undoubtedly, a few words need to be devoted to the durability of accessories, because also in this category JANBOX products excel. Corrugated cardboard cartons are among the packages of considerable robustness. The structure and the material used for their production are a harmonious duo, translating in a straight line into the life of the products. It is worth mentioning their resistance to adverse external factors. Cardboard cartons cope quite well with weather conditions. In addition, they are characterized by considerable resistance to mechanical damage, so you can send them on a long trip without worry. In short, packaging provides a solid wall to protect goods from damage.

We create cartons in dedicated sizes

Long and wide, narrow and short, high or low – the specifications of all goods available on the market are very different. Thus, by force, standard cardboard packaging will not always meet expectations in terms of their dimensions. Thanks to JANBOX you do not have to worry about this issue. For our customers we are able to produce cardboard boxes in many sizes, tailored to the individual needs of partners from many industries. We are talking about all the parameters of the products: height, width and length. To see how much we are able to offer, just give us a call. JANBOX experts will prepare a dedicated proposal for you in terms of price and packaging dimensions.

Recyclable packaging

Cardboard, from which cardboard is made, is an environmentally friendly material. The plastic is very recyclable, so, instead of lying in landfills, it can be reused. In this way, and more, we join the fight to protect the environment. We take the subject very seriously, focusing on responsible production, reducing the negative impact of various processes on nature as much as possible. In our daily work we take into account the long-term impact of pollution of the surrounding world on human life. Corrugated cardboard boxes prove that, as a customer, you can care about the environment in many ways and it does not have to cost a lot at all.

A good way to promote your own company

Well-used boxes will become a great advertisement for the company! All you need to do is to properly develop the sides of the cardboard box and place promotional materials on it. It does not necessarily have to be an extremely creative creation, sometimes the logo alone is enough to establish yourself in the minds of customers. This is such an effective solution that many nationwide concerns have already decided on it. However, you don’t have to run a large company at all, promoting yourself through cardboard packaging will also work well for smaller businesses, including family-owned ones. It is worth trusting us, because we have been in the business since 2022. With more than 20 years of experience, we can effectively advise you on choosing the right boxes.