Cardboard trays

Multifunctional cardboard trays are eagerly used in catering and take-out establishments. The palette of their applications is so wide that they have become a permanent part of the operating landscape of many industries. No one is also surprised to see them in home cabinets anymore. The products are characterized by their ergonomic design, they allow food to be carried safely. They are good protection in case of, for example, rain or excessive sunshine. Admittedly, they do not have cooling properties, but hiding a cake in a cardboard carrier will allow you to carry sweets to their destination.

Useful for transportation

Trays made of cardboard have transportable uses, which is why they have found their way onto the list of basic equipment for companies that deliver various types of food. Larger models are great for transporting fruits or vegetables. You can encounter these types of products in many stores and markets. This constitutes the best confirmation of our words. Many customers are keen on accessories, using them in the form of a shopping net, which has a kind of eco-friendly character. Besides, the cardboard tray is recyclable, so reaching for it will always be a far better choice than buying plastic bags, which then decompose for years in landfills.

Durable designs protect delicate products

Cardboard fruit trays are valued for their useful performance on the one hand, and for their sturdy construction on the other. Cardboard is counted among materials of considerable strength. The plastic is characterized by optimal rigidity, and at the same time it is not easy to damage. With its help, transporting food in less favorable weather conditions will be much easier. At the same time, cardboard trays for dough weigh very little. Even the youngest household members can cope with moving them. If we add to this the possibility of multiple use of products and their low price, no one will be surprised by the great popularity of cardboard packaging. In JANBOX, not only companies, but also individual customers will find suitable models for themselves.

Easy to store

A great advantage of cardboard trays is their design. They are easy to store, as unfolded they take up relatively little space. They can be stored by stacking one on top of the other. In this form they can easily fit on a store counter or kitchen cabinet of an apartment. Importantly, it takes a short while to prepare the product for use. The trays are assembled on the spot, most often requiring a few movements, but in the end, of course, it all depends on the details of construction. The convenience of the proposed solution is so great that without the products it is difficult to imagine at least a confectionery shop selling a cake to take away. In such an issue, cardboard trays will prove to be an invaluable support.

We make models dedicated to specific needs

Packaging takes on the widest variety of shapes and sizes. This is not surprising, since a cardboard tray for a light cake is unlikely to work as a transporter for a lot of fruit that weighs a lot. When you buy from JANBOX, you can opt for cardboard trays in individually designed sizes. You will adapt them with tremendous precision to your needs, that is, to the specific size of the products to be transported. Classic cardboard trays have a floor with a considerable load-bearing capacity and four side walls to protect food from falling out. If you want to know all the options we offer, contact our specialists. Just call or, if you prefer, write to

Flexible terms and attractive price

Selling cardboard trays, we strive to meet the individual needs of partners. We are able to fulfill orders of various types both in terms of the form of packaging and the size of cardboard boxes. We always meet the agreed deadlines, so you can be sure that you will receive cardboard trays for fruit according to the agreed schedule. You will be positively surprised by the price of the products. Top-class accessories can be yours at wallet-friendly costs. With us you will not strain the company budget. We have been producing cardboard boxes for more than 20 years. Thanks to this, we are able to guarantee transport trays that meet the criteria of demanding customers. Join the group of satisfied partners of JANBOX.