Carton gabaryt C (Parcel Post InPost)

You want to send an addressed and paid parcel, but the package does not fit in the parcel machine due to the wrong size? Sometimes a few millimeters mean that instead of sending the goods efficiently, you only add to the problems of repacking them. Such situations can be easily avoided by choosing a carton dedicated to the size C designated by InPost. With our products you will take advantage of all the space available in the storage compartment, which will allow you to send more things in one package. We produce sturdy cardboard boxes that will withstand transportation time.

Tailored to the dimensions of the parcel locker

According to the guidelines of InPost, the locker for dimension C will accommodate a cardboard box with dimensions of 41x38x64 cm. So we’re talking about quite a large package, which can easily accommodate many smaller items or one sizable item. Thanks to the precise design, the cartons make maximum use of the space in the package, which is a convenient and practical solution. Without too much trouble you will place them in the storage compartment, from where they will start their journey. This solution remains friendly to both the person sending the goods and the customer or friend picking up the order. With full conviction we are able to say that we provide tailor-made cartons.

They protect the goods well

InPost shipments packed in C-size cartons cover various distances. Sometimes the goods for the customer will have to travel only a few dozen kilometers, other times the parcel has to travel from the east to the west of the country or from the north to the south of Poland. The longer the route, the more transshipment points and hands through which a cardboard box with dimensions of 41x38x64 cm, i.e. classic dimension C, will pass. Choosing our products, you do not have to worry about whether your order will arrive intact. JANBOX packaging has a solid construction based on corrugated cardboard. It copes well not only with considerable loads, but also with mechanical damage, protecting the items closed inside.

Classic form of cuboid

Cardboard box of type C is a classic cuboid. Its interior gives many possibilities for the arrangement of goods, which can be arranged both horizontally and vertically. The considerable possibilities of this solution have already been appreciated by many customers. Packaging adapted to the requirements of InPost is eagerly reached not only by individual buyers, but also by large companies in the e-commerce market. It’s worth knowing that although Carton C was originally designed for parcel machines, it can be used in other ways. If necessary, it will be an ideal tool for storing goods in your possession or, in the case of individuals, storing personal items. Cartons are also recommended in the event of a move, because of their stackable nature.

Ecology – it’s more than a slogan for us

We believe that it is worthwhile to work to protect the environment. As a company, we try to do this in many ways, but considering the manufacturing nature of the company, you can see it best when you look at InPost gabaryt C cartons. To create them, we have used materials of a functional nature, friendly to both the user and nature. We use environmentally friendly materials, recyclable, that is, reusable. In this way, we influence the reduction of garbage, adding a brick to the common effort for the environment. Thus, by becoming our customer, you will get the goods you need, and at the same time join the needed fight for the world around us.

We have a lot of experience in cardboard production

For more than 20 years of activity in the market in our company has changed a lot, but the quality of the products offered has remained constant. Thanks to the systematic modernization of production lines, we have created a catalog of innovative packaging with diverse parameters. The best example is such a specialized proposal as a C-type carton, which will accept any parcel box. We have the knowledge and skills to also create accessories to any size. To do this, just contact us, and our specialists will be happy to present all proposals and possible opportunities for cooperation. We encourage you to make inquiries by email or telephone. We are able to offer an attractive price for JANBOX products.