Cartons 100 mm

At JanBox we do not recognize half-measures and compromises, so we stand out from other carton manufacturers with the highest possible quality while maintaining a favorable purchase price. In our offer you will find cartons 100-200 mm, dedicated to demanding customers. All of them are made of durable and resistant to use corrugated cardboard, which is characterized by a good ratio of low weight to high rigidity. This size is relatively universal and will work well for both businesses and retail customers.

Basic features of 100-200 mm cartons

All 100 mm cartons offered in our store are characterized by excellent performance characteristics. Strong, durable walls and perfect workmanship of the smallest elements makes it hard to unintentionally damage them due to, for example, the process of a multi-day shipment. Cartons are made on modern production lines with high attention to the smallest details. Thanks to rigorous quality control, we also make sure that 100 mm cartons are ready for use right away, as they are free of manufacturing errors and defects. The high rigidity of the side walls as well as the bottom and top ensures that all products placed inside are adequately protected.

It is also not without significance that 100-200 mm cartons are produced with minimal impact on the environment. In the materials you will not find toxic and dangerous chemical agents that can cause allergic reactions from the body or cause environmental contamination.

Applications of 100 mm cartons

Cartons 100-200 mm are characterized by high versatility, as they can be used in virtually any company that carries out mail order. You can fit very small items into them, such as consumer electronics or small home appliances, without costly filling of empty space with oversized cartons. What’s more, their small outer dimensions, combined with their high wall thickness, make them almost completely resistant to standard mechanical damage, dimensional change or dangerous defects. It is also not without significance that 100 mm cartons have an excellent reputation among private individuals. They can be used both for packing small items during removals and used as a way to safely ship items sold on an advertising or auction platform. It’s always a good idea to have 100-200 mm JanBox cartons at home.

Order from JanBox today!

At our company JanBox you will order the best cardboard boxes, and among them there are also models with a length of 100-200 mm. All of them, regardless of their size and purpose, are of the highest possible quality at a correspondingly low price. Order today, and if you have any questions, call or write to us. Our assistants will be happy to dispel any doubts before purchase and provide information on the method of production or technical characteristics of all 100 mm cartons. You are welcome!