Cartons 150 mm

Among the many products available at JanBox you will also find 150 mm cartons dedicated to companies and individuals, which are characterized by above-average rigidity and at the same time also a favorable purchase price. All 100-200 mm cartons offered by our company are made of high-quality 3- or 5-layer corrugated cardboard, which provides cartons with high durability also during long shipping to other countries. Be sure to browse all variants and place your order today.

High quality workmanship counts in 150 mm cartons

The 150 mm cartons available in our offer are considered in the e-commerce environment to be the best made in relation to their purchase price, and there are important reasons for this. The first is the very high quality of the corrugated cardboard used. For the production of 100-200 mm cardboard boxes we use only selected cardboard, which is characterized by very high stiffness and retention of dimensions at full load, moreover, cracks, tears and damages rarely appear on their surface during use. It is also not without significance that we have an innovative machine park, thanks to which the 150 mm cardboard boxes produced by us are precisely made with attention to the smallest details.

It is also not without significance that we apply strict quality control, thanks to which we avoid sending cartons with a manufacturing defect or design error. This is a huge advantage especially for the largest companies that ship many packages a day and for them a mistake in production can mean a standstill in the shipping process. What’s more, we use only cardboard produced in harmony with nature for the production of 150 mm cartons. You won’t find dangerous chemical agents that can affect the environment, and despite the fact that they are disposable, they don’t pose a threat to it.

High quality goes hand in hand with versatility

Our 100-200 mm cartons are very popular among businesses of all types. They are used for shipping small or very small items, the length of which is about 150 mm. Cartons, thanks to their rigid construction, effectively protect fragile articles from damage during shipment, for example, to other countries, which is especially important for the delivery of electronic equipment exposed to mechanical damage. It is also worth knowing that our 150 mm cartons can be personalized, using the production of packaging of any type and size.

Why use the offer of JanBox?

In the offer of our company JanBox we focus on diversity and high quality, so our 150 mm cartons are well known on the market. We deliver all of them as quickly as possible in secure packaging in the form of a sheet or ready-made cartons, and we are happy to help at any stage of the order by phone or email. If you have any questions, call or write us. We provide excellent service and always take a friendly and personalized approach to your order.