Cartons 200 mm

At JanBox you will find a wide selection of different types of cardboard boxes, and among them are models with a length of 200 mm. They are distinguished by above-average durability and the use of high-quality 3- or 5-layer corrugated cardboard for their production. All 200-300 mm cartons are in high demand among both businesses and individuals, mainly due to their high versatility. Be sure to browse all available 200 mm cartons and place an order in our store today. We encourage you to support companies with Polish capital and buy directly from the manufacturer, JanBox brand.

Cartons 200-300 mm – quality workmanship and durability

Among other things, all 200-300 mm cartons are characterized by the highest possible quality. The corrugated cardboard used in their production is selected by us and is characterized by a sensational ratio of high durability and stiffness to low weight. It effectively protects the contents of the carton from damage, retains its rigidity throughout transport, and is resistant to most mechanical damage. As a result, 200-300 mm cartons are also ideal for overseas shipping, which is most vulnerable to damage from long travel and repeated handling at different locations.

For many who care about the welfare of our planet, it should also be important to know that as a company JanBox is committed to ecology and for the production of 200 mm cartons and other variants we use only friendly semi-finished products. Pro-ecological solutions mean that despite the disposable nature of cardboard boxes, they do not cause danger to the environment. Our machines also make it possible to make cartons according to the customer’s idea, so feel free to contact our service department, where we will be happy to explain the offer of customized packaging.

What applications can be found for 200-300 mm cartons?

A very important feature of 200 mm cartons is their above-average versatility. Their relatively compact external dimensions make them ideal for shipping small electronic items, as well as household appliances or small clothing accessories. In addition, 200-300 mm cartons are a sensational choice also for private individuals. This is because they can be used to ship items sold in person on auction or advertising platforms, and they also do not take up too much space at home. We also offer cartons in other sizes, so you can easily match their size to the type of business you are doing. We also encourage you to complete your order with stretch film and packing tapes, which allow you to pack your shipment accurately.

200 mm cartons only at JanBox!

For 20 years we at JanBox have taken care to create an offer that consists only of products worthy of recommendation, so we invite you to place your order today. We provide personalized service and the ability to contact our staff seamlessly by phone or email. Order your 200mm cartons today and benefit from lightning-fast delivery and top-notch products available at great prices.