Cartons 300 mm

If you are looking for high quality 300 mm cartons then you have come to the perfect place. At JanBox we offer a range of cartons in different sizes and for different purposes, dedicated to demanding entrepreneurs who expect high quality and a favorable purchase price. Among others, our 300-400 mm cartons stand out for their above-average strength, compliance of external dimensions with the declaration on our website, as well as flawless structure that well protects the items placed inside. There is a reason why customers rate 250 mm cartons from JanBox as the best in their class, it is worth getting to know them up close.

Cartons 300-400 mm – quality workmanship and durability.

The main special feature of JanBox 300 mm cartons is their quality. At the time of the establishment of our brand in 2002, we knew very well that we wanted to offer our customers exquisitely made products that will serve for shipments even to the other end of the world. For the production of 300-400 mm cartons, we use state-of-the-art production lines and machinery that allows us to automate the entire process and remove any manufacturing errors. Thanks to a specialized quality control cell, we avoid design errors, and each carton has the same external and internal dimensions, strength and construction.

We use selected 3- or 5-ply corrugated cardboard, which provides a high level of protection and is also very lightweight. The cardboard itself is produced with minimal environmental impact, so you won’t find dangerous chemicals in its structure. Despite their single use, 300 mm cardboard boxes do not constitute environmentally hazardous waste, so they are also chosen by lovers of ecology and living in harmony with nature.

Universal cartons for all applications

Cartons offered in our store, thanks to their very low purchase price, do not represent a heavy burden for any company. What does this mean? That their purchase and use in the process of mail order does not significantly bear the price of delivery. In addition, 300 mm cartons do not take up too much space. Among other things, they will be perfect for e-commerce mail order, as well as for storing office supplies or in warehouses, where they will serve as a handy place to store products for resale. The strength of 300-400 mm cartons also makes them suitable for global e-commerce sales.

At JanBox, we focus on complete customer satisfaction

At JanBox, we do not recognize half-measures and compromises, so you will find with us only the best-made 300-400 mm cartons, which are considered in the environment as strong, durable and favorably priced. Be sure to familiarize yourself with our entire offer, and if you have any questions, please contact us by phone or e-mail. We provide a prompt response and prompt shipping, always within the time frame as declared on our website.