Cartons 400 mm

At JanBox we focus on excellent value for money, and the offered 400 mm cartons are another example of this. They are rigid, perfectly made and precisely cut, and are distinguished by high durability and resistance to wear. As a company with 20 years of experience in the market, we guarantee full compliance of received cartons with the order, as well as prompt delivery and full assistance at every stage of implementation. We encourage cooperation both for individuals who want to purchase 400-500 mm carton for their own use, and for enterprises for shipping or storage purposes.

Basic features of JanBox 400 mm cartons

All 400 mm cardboard boxes from JanBox have several features in common, thanks to which they are excellently appreciated among buyers. Among other things, their durability is worth mentioning. The cartons are made of 3- or 5-layer corrugated cardboard. This material is both durable and very light, so it does not significantly change the weight of the entire shipment, which is particularly important in the case of the e-commerce industry. Not without significance is also the fact that 400-500 mm cartons are made on one of the most modern production lines in Poland, using innovative machinery. This ensures full dimensional conformity within a given batch or order, as well as the absence of any manufacturing defects.

What’s more, each stage of the production of 400 mm cardboard boxes is very carefully analyzed by our specialists, so we can react in real time to any defects and incorrect workmanship. This is a huge differentiator of our company from others, which very often deliver crooked or badly shaped cartons to their customers.

In addition, we also care about the environment. Cartons of our production are made using ecological raw materials and materials, so there are no hidden chemicals with unpredictable effects. In addition, despite the disposable nature of cartons, they do not pose a threat to the environment and are therefore an excellent solution for e-commerce companies.

Popular and versatile 400-500 mm cartons

Our 400 mm cartons are among the most versatile in the JanBox brand portfolio. Their large capacity and rigidity make them suitable for shipping lightweight electronic devices, for example, as well as household appliances and consumer electronics or vehicle mechanics components. In addition, 400-500 mm cardboard boxes will prove perfect for any business. They can be used to store many everyday items, unused office equipment, as well as office accessories and personal belongings of employees.

High quality at a low price!

We invite you to order 400 mm cardboard boxes from JanBox. We provide prompt delivery, always in time according to our declaration when taking the order, as well as assistance at every stage of the purchase. Our employees will be happy to dispel any doubts by phone and e-mail, so we encourage you to place your order today.