Fillings for die-cut boxes

The shipping process entails the risk of damaging the shipped item, so it’s worth ensuring its proper protection from the inside as well. External protection involves using cardboard made of 3- or 5-ply corrugated board, stretch film, and packing tape, while the inside requires the use of fillings for boxes. In our company, JanBox, you will find fillings for boxes that differ in appearance, functionality, level of protection, and attractiveness for the customer. Make sure to review all selected options and place your order today, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us by phone or email. We will gladly respond and address any concerns.

Why it’s worth using fillings for boxes

The process of domestic or international shipping can take anywhere from several hours to even several dozen days for the cheapest form of international delivery. During this time, each package is exposed to numerous mechanical damages, which usually result in the destruction of the outer packaging due to friction, drops, or tossing. Unfortunately, the seller has no control over the courier company’s operations and internal procedures, but the recipient will direct any complaints to the seller, especially regarding inadequate package protection.

Fillings for boxes drastically reduce the risk of damage to the contents of the shipment and, in many cases, are a decisive factor affecting its condition upon receipt. Their main function is to fill any empty spaces inside, preventing the product from moving freely within, and they also provide cushioning against impacts. This is why fillings for boxes work best for rigid items, but they are unnecessary for shipping lightweight and soft products such as clothing or textiles.

Why are box fillers always a good choice?

Fillings for boxes are characterized by a very low price compared to the level of protection they provide. Damaging a valuable item during transport can result in significant losses, which the courier company will only partially cover with standard insurance. Few businesses that sell goods for shipping insure their packages to a broader extent.

Box fillers are also very lightweight and do not noticeably affect the weight of the entire package, thereby not increasing shipping costs. This is particularly important for small items shipped in large flap boxes. Filling the empty interior and such a large space with heavy fillers would be a costly and environmentally unfriendly solution.

Additionally, it is worth noting that fillings for boxes positively impact the image of any company, as they demonstrate the company’s attention to the smallest details when sending a shipment.

Trust the JanBox brand

We are a manufacturer of cardboard packaging that has been setting trends in this market since 2002 and serves as an unparalleled example for many other companies. We offer a range of different products dedicated to packaging, including cardboard packaging made of 3- or 5-ply corrugated board, packing tapes, and the provided box fillings, among many others. All our brand’s products stand out with the highest possible quality, they are reliable and proven, and they are also made from selected materials that have a minimal impact on the natural environment.

Our box fillings ensure complete safety for the shipped item, they are competitively priced, and they will undoubtedly meet the expectations of modern entrepreneurs. We produce them on one of the most advanced production lines in the country, consisting of an innovative high-class machinery park. Place your order today, and if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by phone or email. We guarantee a swift response.