FEFCO 200 – boxes, packaging and flap cartons

The above designation, or FEFCO 200, derives directly from the international catalog, which was created to simplify complex descriptions for boxes manufactured from cardboard. This makes the market for these boxes more uniform, making it easier for customers to choose their preferred types. As a JANBOX manufacturer, we offer cardboard boxes of the highest quality, providing services, in accordance with European standards, and creating packaging and flap boxes that fit the requirements and guidelines provided by the FEFCO catalog. In this tab we have gathered a variety of products from the 200 series. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the available pattern book, and then choose your preferred models and place orders!

FEFCO 200 – flap packaging

What kind of products are hidden under the designation according to the FEFCO 200 catalog? The proposed models are flap packaging. The cartons that we, as a manufacturer, produce are made from a separate piece of cardboard or several suitably joined together. As the name suggests, they are equipped with lower and upper flaps. The latter serve as an easy-to-open and close lid. The lower ones are usually unfolded after the cardboard box is emptied, allowing it to be completely disassembled for storage, for example. It is equally simple to reassemble, making these products very popular.

The simplicity of construction, space-saving storage, ease of packaging, large capacity of the largest models and durability make cardboard flap boxes prove to be indispensable equipment in a myriad of industries – from manufacturing plants, to the warehouses of stores and wholesalers, to home dressing rooms. From the perspective of the user of boxes, packaging and flap cartons from the FEFCO 200 catalog, an important feature of them is also that they are highly durable and reusable, so they have an ecological character. At the same time, they can be described as economical, because due to their simplicity, the production of these cardboard products is cheap, which translates into their attractive price.

Trusted manufacturer of cardboard packaging – FEFCO 200 cardboard boxes

The products in the FEFCO 200 catalog offered by our company present the highest quality on the market. We produce all the proposed cardboard (carton) packaging and flap boxes with attention to the smallest details, in accordance with the guidelines from the template and from carefully selected materials. This determines the strength of the cardboard boxes offered, and therefore the safety of the articles packed and transported in them.

Robustness, resistance and durability are also reflected in the aesthetic appearance of the proposed models of cardboard boxes. As a manufacturer, we have experience, excellent knowledge of the industry and state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, and at the same time we take care of competitive prices. Thanks to this, our cardboard boxes are supplied by, among others, manufacturing companies, transport and shipping companies, store owners or entities organizing removals.

We invite you to order cardboard boxes and flap cartons according to the FEFCO 200 catalog directly from the manufacturer – we guarantee fast order processing.