In order to group different types of boxes, a uniform template for cardboard packaging was created. It allows manufacturers and contractors to be sure that the goods ordered according to the assigned symbol (e.g., containers with folding bottoms) will be suitable. For example, FEFCO 400 carton will have a single-layer structure, and FEFCO 427 will be particularly suitable for packing shoes. Such a system eliminates possible confusion arising from complicated product descriptions.

What is hidden under the FEFCO symbols?

The cartons in question differ in their templates, the characteristic properties of which are briefly presented in the table below:

FEFCO Symbol Features of the box Example use
200 straight, flapped document storage
300 two-part retail
400 single-sheet, easy to fold e.g. 427 for online stores
500 two-piece, slip-on glass packaging
600 Permanently glued or sewn storage of household appliances
700 one-piece, glued as decorative boxes
900 internal parts of the package trusses and spacers for the bottom

As a manufacturer, we produce cardboard packaging according to special customer orders. Most often the dimensions and texture of the container are modified.

FEFCO 400 containers

Interchangeably called trays by manufacturers, folding packaging includes FEFCO 400 cardboard boxes. These boxes are usually created using only one sheet of material. When properly folded, it constitutes both the bottom, the lid and all the side walls. The most popular variant is 427, used, for example, for packaging electronics. Noteworthy is the fact that among the available models there are also those that are equipped with additional elements to facilitate the handling of containers. These can be, for example, handles, closures or windows. Depending on the needs of the entrepreneur, you can order folding cardboard boxes with or without printing. For the production of these products we use corrugated cardboard.

The most important parameters of cardboard boxes signed with the number 400:

material: 3-, 5-, or 7-layer corrugated cardboard,
dimensions: at the customer’s request,
weight: different, given by the manufacturer individually based on the order,
color: depending on the raw material,
number of items: one cardboard container with folding bottom.
Cartons for online stores

One of the most popular types of cardboard containers, used both by manufacturers and intermediaries (owners of stationary or online stores), are FEFCO 427 folding boxes. This is one of the variants of the above-discussed group of packaging. Why has it gained such popularity? It is distinguished by its particularly high strength (among other things, because the bottom and walls are folded from one piece). As a result, the product is better protected from any mechanical damage associated with, for example, the transport of goods.

An additional advantage of FEFCO 400 cardboard containers, including the 427 variant, is that manufacturers deliver them in flat stacks. This saves space in the warehouse. You too should try this solution. Explore our offer at competitive prices