FEFCO 500 – cartons, slip packaging

Wondering which boxes will work best for packing all sorts of gifts or souvenirs? Slip-in cardboard packaging from the FEFCO 500 series is a very practical solution. The two-piece carton provides more cushioning. That’s why, as a manufacturer of cardboard packaging, we recommend models from this catalog.

Their main feature is the way they are folded: the individual parts are inserted into each other. This makes such containers not only easy to use, but also convenient. They provide protection for the goods and are especially useful if the item placed inside is made of fragile materials, such as glass statuettes or porcelain.

Various models of FEFCO 500 cartons

In the catalog of FEFCO 500 series slide-in cartons, you can particularly distinguish:

510 – easy to assemble, as it is a single cardboard component. This reduces the manufacturer’s costs, so the price of products is correspondingly lower. However, in order to make sure that the goods will not be mechanically damaged during storage or shipping, it is necessary to remember to choose a good quality raw material for the technological process,
511 – the advantage of this cardboard is that it can be used even several times without losing its properties,
512 – the most widely used type of box due to its wide range of applications, from storage to storage and shipping of products.

The entire FEFCO 500 catalog includes a total of 10 types of insertable packaging that can be ordered from manufacturers. It should also be mentioned that the cartons with the three lowest numbers, included in this group, are wrappers for other boxes. The first two (501 and 502), in combination with 503, can be combined into a single container with the symbol 505.

Application of slip-in packaging

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the manufacturer’s recommended FEFCO 500 cartons can find use as gift boxes. However, the catalog of products, which allows you to safely store or transport such cardboard packaging, is much larger. Slip-in boxes will prove excellent for packing, for example:

cosmetic accessories,
household items (mainly decorative),
decorative elements of clothing and others.

An additional advantage of using the discussed cartons included in the FEFCO 500 catalog is also the possibility of using them as advertising surfaces for the store or the manufacturer itself.

Custom boxes – JanBox

As a manufacturer of 500-series slip-in cardboard boxes, we use modern technology and equipment to manufacture them. This gives our customers the opportunity to customize the order from the catalog, such as modifying the dimensions of the container. At your request, we can make an imprint that further personalizes the product inside.

Companies that distribute a variety of assortments most often order slip-in boxes bearing the company’s logo. What are your expectations from cartons tailored to your business profile? We encourage you to take advantage of our offer. We provide competitive prices for cardboard products!