FEFCO 600 – cardboard boxes permanently connected

Have you wondered which boxes to use for storing and transporting heavy materials? Manufacturers most often use permanently jointed cardboard boxes from the FEFCO 600 catalog for this purpose. These boxes are characterized by a two-part structure, which includes the body and side walls (which are also the bottom and lid). The components must be glued or stitched together. Due to this structure, these containers are more resistant to mechanical damage, which is especially important for products shipped over long distances.

An undeniable advantage is that our FEFCO cartons are fully recyclable. In addition, discreet advertising of your company is possible thanks to logo printing on the box. As a manufacturer of cardboard packaging, we allow you to place a personalized order. We also provide for the possibility of modifying the variants available in the catalog.

Types of cartons from the FEFCO 600 category

A lot of storage space is saved by the fact that cardboard boxes permanently joined from the manufacturer arrive in unfolded form. These packages need to be folded and glued or stapled immediately before packaging. FEFCO 600 cardboard is available in a catalog of different versions. The most popular and most widely used types are:


They differ from each other in the way they are folded and joined.

Application of cartons from the FEFCO 600 category

Two-piece construction and the use of high-quality material ensure the strength of the packaging. Manufacturers of permanently jointed cardboard boxes recommend the use of cardboard boxes from the FEFCO 600 catalog for transporting large or heavy products, such as:

household appliances (televisions, ovens, washing machines and other consumer electronics and household appliances),
products of industrial plants,
wholesale assortment.

Our containers are made of 3- and 5-layer corrugated cardboard from ecological, natural raw material. In addition, we use the latest machinery and proven technologies for production. Thanks to many years of experience, we can offer the execution of an individual order, tailored directly to the needs of each company, with a short lead time.

As a manufacturer of boxes, including those from the FEFCO 600 catalog, we guarantee our customers high quality cardboard boxes.

Boxes available on request – JanBox

Are you looking for a proven box supplier with many years of experience in the market? You have come to the right place! As a manufacturer we recommend cardboard boxes permanently joined type 600, which will meet all your expectations if:

you are engaged in the sale of large or massive products,
you are wondering which boxes will work best for long-distance shipping,
you want to make sure that the customer receives undamaged goods.

We guarantee that the boxes ordered from our company comply with the international standards of the FEFCO catalog. Do you need a container with non-standard dimensions? Or would you like your company’s logo to appear on the shipment for increased brand recognition? Be sure to check out our range of permanently bonded cardboard packaging!