Printing on cardboard

High-quality printing on cardboard packaging allows us to create a unique design that is one hundred percent in accordance with the individual expectations of the customer. We use only the most modern technologies and advanced equipment. All this to meet the expectations of even the most demanding people. We guarantee expert advice, as well as timely execution of each order. We carry out packaging projects from start to finish. We pay great attention to the smallest details.


Printing on cardboard packaging

One of the most important possibilities for personalizing cut-to-size packaging is printing on the carton. Boxes of this type, of which we are the manufacturer, we mark in the manner indicated by the customer both on the external and internal part of the walls and flaps. Thanks to the flexographic method, we ensure high quality of the applied graphics or inscriptions. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the details of our offer in this area!

What are flexographic prints?

Flexographic prints made by us are characterized by a minimalist, yet extremely impressive style. They are made using flexible polymer molds. This is an excellent option for those who insist on the highest quality. The prints are more than durable, and at the same time resistant to abrasion. This is why they will remain intact for a long time. We make logos, inscriptions, emblems, chemical markings, as well as any graphics of your choice. It all depends on the specifications of the project. Our experienced experts will suggest the best placement, type and size of prints. As a result, the packaging will look sensational, and thus attract the attention of the potential customer. Of course, the customer has an influence on how the final version of the box will look like. Any changes are discussed with the customer on an ongoing basis. Every suggestion of the client is incorporated into the design. It goes to implementation only after full approval.

When is flexographic printing worth it?

Flexographic printing can serve an advertising or informational function. This is an easy way to make the packaging visually attractive. In this way we also give it a unique character. It is worth noting that graphics or lettering on products can increase consumer awareness of the brand. It will become much more recognizable, which translates into higher sales. A plus of the described technology is the favorable price.

Why is it a good idea to do the printing on the packaging?

Increasing consumer demands have contributed to the need for manufacturers to ensure both the high quality of the products they sell and the packaging in which they are delivered to customers. Personalization services, which cardboard boxes are subjected to, provide the possibility of adjusting cardboard containers in terms of shape, as well as length or width of the walls. Customized labeling of cut cardboard boxes is also important. Those that contain an imprint arouse the interest of the recipients, making the proposed article more attractive.

In this way, the consumer is also aware that the manufacturer pays attention to every element of the sale of its goods, wanting to take care of the customer. Thus, personalized printed cardboard packaging becomes an effective part of building a positive image of a particular brand. What’s more, a cut-to-size box can additionally provide information about its contents. This is a practical solution that is appreciated by recipients – especially those for whom the composition of the product or its technical data are of key importance in the context of making a purchase.

What can the carton printing represent in the case of precut packaging?

Printed cardboard boxes available in our offer are customized articles that can look exactly as the design presented by the customer assumes. Our technologically advanced machinery makes it possible for us as a manufacturer to realize even the most difficult, complex orders. Also important is the flexographic method itself, which we use to apply the aforementioned graphical elements to the cardboard boxes. With printing done in this way, they look more attractive, and can also become advertising material for a given company.

For example, we place logos, trademarks or emblems on the walls from the inside or outside. It is not uncommon for customers to choose inscriptions as well. We are able to apply the data on the articles in the packaging in such a way that they visually match the digital design presented beforehand. In this way, cut-size boxes become a distinctive element of the offer. We invite you to contact us to determine the details of cooperation for all customers who are interested in the highest quality, durable printed cardboard boxes. As a manufacturer of this type of products, we provide great possibilities for their personalization and short time of execution even of large orders. We also help in matching the right type of cardboard to specific packaging, adapting them as well as possible to the specifics of the items stored in them.

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