5-Layer Cardboard Boxes

At JanBox, we have been manufacturing high-quality cardboard boxes, including 5-layer boxes, since 2002, catering to the most demanding applications. From the very beginning, we have adhered to the principle of delivering the highest possible quality at the most competitive and favorable prices. For this reason, we produce our products using carefully selected raw materials on state-of-the-art production lines, utilizing the knowledge accumulated over 20 years. We also offer the flexibility to modify the construction of our boxes according to specific requirements. Among the various options available, we offer 5-layer cardboard boxes known for their exceptional durability and versatility. With the increasing share of e-commerce in the retail sector, many companies that previously focused on brick-and-mortar sales are now transitioning their offerings directly to the internet. To securely ship packages to recipients, it is beneficial to pack them in high-quality 5-layer cardboard boxes made from top-grade corrugated cardboard.

Key features of 5-layer cardboard boxes

The strength of cardboard boxes is primarily determined by the number of layers, with more layers resulting in increased rigidity. The 5-layer boxes offered by JanBox are manufactured using five individual layers of high-quality corrugated cardboard (BC or EB flute) and are known for their superior strength-to-weight ratio in the market. The B flute meets all rigorous requirements set by current European Union standards and exhibits exceptional durability. It does not deform under high maximum loads (up to 50 kilograms) and is resistant to challenging operational conditions, such as during transportation.

Another significant aspect is the precise craftsmanship of the cardboard boxes offered by JanBox. Our quality control procedures ensure the detection of any design flaws or production-related issues, ensuring that the product delivered to customers is ready for immediate use. We provide ready-made 5-layer cardboard boxes, as well as flat-packed models for self-assembly. The choice between these options depends on the intended usage and specific requirements. Pre-assembled boxes offer the advantage of immediate usability, while flat-packed boxes occupy minimal space before assembly, making them ideal for shipping. Boxes with fewer layers are perfect for shipping and packing lightweight items, whereas 5-layer boxes are suitable for shipping or storing heavy and bulky objects.

Applications of 5-layer cardboard boxes

The primary and most important characteristic of 5-layer cardboard boxes is their wide range of applications across various industries. These boxes excel in long-distance shipping of heavy and bulky items, such as automotive parts, catering equipment, or large orders fulfilled by retailers, including cleaning products. 5-layer cardboard boxes also find utility in warehouses, where they can store products intended for resale, providing protection against damage. They are suitable for storing cleaning supplies, office equipment, accessories, and other items. The external surface of the boxes allows writing with markers, enabling content labeling.

In domestic use, 5-layer cardboard boxes are particularly valuable during the moving process. Relocating often involves transporting an entire life’s worth of possessions, including the heaviest household appliances, electronics, and tableware. The sturdy construction of the box’s bottom and side walls available in our store allows for comfortable handling of loads up to 50 kilograms.

Why are 5-layer cardboard boxes so popular?

The 5-layer cardboard boxes available at JanBox stand out due to their exceptional durability combined with affordable prices. They are an excellent choice for small businesses engaged in e-commerce as they do not add significant shipping costs for either the customer or the retailer. They are also favored by large enterprises that handle hundreds of shipments daily. Moreover, our boxes are manufactured from environmentally friendly corrugated cardboard, free from substances considered harmful, toxic, or detrimental to the environment.

Order your 5-layer cardboard boxes from our company today and benefit from fast shipping and excellent customer service. We are ready to assist you throughout the ordering process and provide comprehensive information about our product range via email or phone.