Packaging production technology

Our priority is to produce superior quality cardboard packaging. To this end our cardboard packaging productiontechnology is primarily based on modern and sustainable solutions. The cardboard packaging which we manufacture is of high quality, durable, strong and recyclable.


Cardboard packaging –our speciality

We use state-of-the-art packaging production equipment – that is why we can produce carboard boxes and packaging tailored to your individual orders.

We specialise in manufacturing corrugated cardboard boxes and die-cut cardboard boxes. A combination of modern technology and our long-term experience allows us to produce cardboard packaging of different kinds, tailored to individual needs of our customers to their fullest satisfaction.

Our offer is targeted at both large-scale companies as well as individual clients. As a cardboard box manufacturer, from the first moments of our operation, we have excelled in manufacturing superior quality packaging.

Environment-friendly solutions tailored to your requirements

JanBox supports all kinds of environmental initiatives. We use our best endeavours for our company and cardboard boxes we offer to be environment-friendly. Therefore, our production technology is based on pro-environmental and sustainable solutions. We make our boxes from various environment-friendly raw materials.

Our high qualifications and vast experience allow us to offer our Clients the most optimum solutions and provide them with cardboard boxes exactly matching their specific needs. We use latest technologies available in the packaging sector,which allows us to produce corrugated board packaging from 3/5-layer corrugated cardboard both stitched and glued in a very short period of time We use state-of-the-art packaging production equipment thus being able to produce corrugated board packaging from 3/5-layer corrugated cardboard both stitched and glued (as per the FEFCO international classification) satisfying even the highest requirements in a very short period of time.

Flap boxes

This is the most popular type of packaging, used for removal, transport, and storage.

Die-cut boxes

They come in different, complex forms and non-standard dimensions; therefore, they may be used in many different industries.

FEFCO packaging

These boxes are made in accordance with rigorous EU standards.

Designing boxes

We offer box designing services for our paperboard boxes, based on specifications provided by our Customers.

Stretch film

We offer transparent and black stretch films in many different sizes.


We offer various accessories (e.g. polyester film tape and polypropylene film tape), making transport and storage of your goods much easier.

Carton sealing tapes

Carton sealing tapes (grey or transparent) will help secure your packaging and protect it from accidental opening.

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