Wine Boxes

We have been operating in the market for years, specializing in the production of sturdy and durable corrugated cardboard boxes. We fulfill orders according to individual guidelines and offer a wide range of versatile packaging options. We utilize knowledge and modern technologies, constantly seeking the best solutions. We embrace challenges and eagerly follow current trends. Our customers can rely on the assistance and expert advice from the Janbox team. Among our offerings, we have designed cardboard wine packaging that takes into account the necessary quality parameters. The strong and solid construction ensures the safety of storing and transporting the beverages. We handle standard orders with gray cardboard, as well as personalized services. Printed wine boxes are an excellent way to highlight the uniqueness of the produced wines. We are confident that our professional approach and short turnaround time will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Sturdy cardboard wine packaging

Wine boxes are a great addition to the product range of small businesses, online alcohol stores, or supermarkets looking to emphasize their exceptionally curated selection of wines. Elegant and aesthetic packaging not only facilitates the transport of alcohol but can also serve as gift boxes due to their eye-catching colored designs. We present only the best solutions in our offerings. The cardboard wine packaging has undergone necessary quality tests to ensure safety and maximum functionality. They stand out with their well-designed structure that protects the glass content of the package. The boxes are easy to carry thanks to convenient handles and reinforced bottoms made of durable cardboard. Additionally, the design takes into account the ease and convenience of packing to not only ensure the visual effect of the box but also optimize the time spent preparing the package. Therefore, wine boxes are practical and distinguish themselves with a minimalist design. Simple and elegant, they will excel in any situation, providing the best conditions for use.

Boxes for bottles made of rigid and stable cardboard

In our industry, the selection of materials directly affects the satisfaction of the project’s finalization. Boxes for bottles must be made of rigid and stable corrugated cardboard with properly matched layers, as otherwise they will not fulfill their function. Glass bottles are sensitive even to the slightest impact. In our offerings, we have prepared practical shipping wine boxes and decorative packaging that stand out with durability, strength, and resistance to damage. The cardboard with the right stiffness and stability provides excellent cushioning and protects glass bottles of wine, vodka, liqueur, or champagne from mechanical damage that could lead to complete destruction. Combining practical aspects with a simple, minimalist design guarantees 100% satisfaction and customer contentment, with whom we have the pleasure of cooperating.

Lightweight, durable, and environmentally friendly wine packaging

We offer wine cartons that were created with the demanding industry in mind. Made of biodegradable corrugated cardboard, they are environmentally friendly while fulfilling their primary function excellently. Wine packaging protects the contents during transport, facilitates the carrying of alcohol, and allows for the creation of aesthetically pleasing gift boxes. We collaborate with businesses involved in alcohol distribution, wholesalers, and micro-companies providing trade and service-related services. Wine cartons are perfect for any situation, and our diverse range allows for the selection of suitable solutions with satisfying technical parameters. Cardboard wine boxes are also available in personalized versions. It’s worth taking advantage of this service if you want to emphasize the uniqueness of your choices while building engagement and loyalty towards your brand. Logos, slogans, or contact information will undoubtedly enhance your company’s visibility in the market.