3-ply cartons

Our company JanBox has been setting trends in the cardboard box market since 2002. We combine the features of the highest quality workmanship with above-average durability and low prices. In either case that we offer solutions ideal for both small start-ups and the largest enterprises. Including warehouses, production halls from shipping stores. Among the many products available in our range are also 3-layer cartons. Made from top-quality semi-finished products of proven and reliable origin. With more than 20 years of experience in the market, we have refined our offerings to perfection. We allow many modifications to be made to finished projects. It is worth knowing that the e-commerce market is growing every year. Every company offering stationary sales also has a store based on one of the many online sales platforms. We encourage you to take a look at the entire range of 3-ply cartons at JanBox today!

Sturdy 3-ply cartons

3-ply cartons consist of three layers of heavy-duty corrugated cardboard (Wave B). Their main advantage is that they are very resistant to most mechanical damage. The carton is very rigid and retains its shape and usability for a much longer period of time than in the case of 2-ply cartons. As has been noted at the same time it still has a low tare weight. What does this mean? That when it comes to shipping items, it does not significantly affect the price of transportation at the selected shipping company. Which is particularly important for both customers and companies offering free delivery. The cardboard itself meets all the strict requirements of the European Union in terms of its resistance and the way it is produced.

In our store you will find 3-layer cardboard boxes confectioned flat, as well as models already folded. Both variants have their specific purpose. Pre-folded cartons can be immediately used for shipping, which is certainly of great importance for companies sending several hundred shipments a day. On the other hand, sheet cartons dedicated to self-assembly take up very little space. As a manufacturer with 20 years of experience in the market, we also guarantee the highest precision in the manufacture of all cartons, as well as the conformity of their dimensions with those specified on the website or in the leaflet.

What can 3-layer cardboard boxes be used for?

3-layer cartons are particularly popular on the market, as their main advantage is their very high versatility. They can be successfully used mainly for shipping quite heavy articles over very long distances. Despite the maximum load, the cardboard box retains its shape and effectively protects the entire contents from damage. Or getting dirt and contaminants inside (with proper packaging process). In addition, the carton is very rigid. In either case you can pack large bulk orders consisting of many individual packages into it.

Cartons are also dedicated to warehouses, where they will serve as a place to store products for resale. In this way, you can protect them from damage or bruising or the impact of adverse conditions. They definitely facilitate proper organization of work. What’s more, they can also be used to store things that are not currently needed in a particular company. These can be, for example, documents or folders, or even office accessories and employees’ personal belongings.

Many people use the durability of 3-layer cardboard boxes for moving. Clothing and shoes and accessories can be stowed in them, as well as tableware items. Hi-Fi and home appliances and electronics, as well as computers and smaller household products. Cardboard boxes are also on the equipment of reputable companies that provide moving services. Because their outer surface is matte. They can be written on and the fronts can be taped to make the move easier.

Interesting information about 3-ply cartons

In our company, half-measures and compromises do not count. We have always focused on the highest possible quality of workmanship at a very affordable price. Thanks to this, we have no equal in the carton market, and 3-layer models are another example of this. The smallest details are precisely made and trimmed, and any moving parts are prepared to be broken without excessive force. Our internal quality control also ensures that cartons always arrive to customers immediately ready for use, with no construction defects or manufacturing errors.

We invite you to order 3-ply cartons today.  Janbox provide prompt order processing, as well as a friendly approach to customers. We will be happy to answer technical questions about our offer by phone and email, as well as provide comprehensive information about all our items, including 3-layer cartons.