Decorative cartons and customized decorative boxes

At Janbox, we specialize in providing packaging for a variety of uses. We have prepared sturdy and rigid shipping cartons, cut packaging, versatile flat cartons, moving boxes and decorative boxes for storage. All available options are united by quality and aesthetics. Made of tough, durable cardboard, they meet the criteria for safety and maximum functionality. Decorative cardboard boxes are a great complement to the interior design and complement gifts for loved ones. They are characterized by simplicity and capacity. Minimalist design perfectly finds itself in modern trends. Decorative gift boxes, regardless of their size, attract attention, and their original finish allows you to use the box to store trinkets. Eco-friendly packaging will please anyone who has the welfare of the planet in mind, and additionally appreciates simple and intuitive solutions with versatile use.

Durable, aesthetic and convenient decorative cardboard boxes

The features that are appreciated by our customers despite the passage of years do not change. Durability, aesthetics and convenience are still among the most important factors. Decorative cartons are definitely more demanding in production. Using modern technologies in the processes, we keep in mind the highest standards and increasing satisfaction of our customers. The design of unique design and original design allows unlimited application possibilities. A small cardboard box is perfect as a gift wrapping, for storage or a way to be a multifunctional solution at home, school or business. Modern, environmentally friendly methods of operation for years have allowed us to constantly develop and quickly respond to current trends. We make decorative cartons for storage from corrugated cardboard and cardboard boxes. For production we use die-cutting machines, so we have the ability to complete the order in the shortest possible time and meet the expectations of personalized services. We make special order cardboard boxes according to individual guidelines. Just use the option of an intuitive configurator or the help of our specialists, who will be happy to answer all your questions.

Precise and designer small cardboard packages

Small cardboard packaging, despite its smaller size, we make with due precision. We know perfectly well how important aesthetics is, so in the production process we do not use half-measures and do not accept compromises. Our priorities remain quality and attractive price. 3- or 5-layer cardboard provides a great look and equally satisfying durability. The items inside will be safe, as the construction of the packaging is very rigid, hard and durable, yet very lightweight. Decorative gift boxes, in addition to using the potential of modern technology and our years of experience, are cut with the necessary precision. The smallest details are made with attention to every detail. We also take into account the moving parts, which must not deviate from the aesthetics of the overall design. When making decorative cartons, we implement the work so as to prepare them for final use without using excessive force. We are committed to simplicity, convenience and functionality.

Decorative boxes large from biodegradable cardboard.

We have been operating in the market for years. As a team, we have experience in producing packaging of various types. We draw on well-established knowledge of the basics in our industry, but we are not afraid of novelty. Decorative boxes large are growing in popularity due to the great importance of shaping the interior design. The space in which we live is important not only in terms of aesthetics, but primarily for the sake of the functionality of the objects we surround ourselves with. Packaging with a minimalist design and high quality is an integral part of the furnishings of a child’s room, teenager’s room, home office or closet. XXL decorative cartons are also a complement to the design of a cozy living room and a simple way to store trinkets in a traditional pavilion. Our customers appreciate us for our multifunctionality and reliable approach to each order. Using proven, innovative solutions, we can do more. We also keep in mind the properties of our proposals. Biodegradable cardboard is a great option for anyone who, like us, does not use half-measures.