Cartons 700 mm

In the wide offer of our company JanBox you will find, among others, 700 mm cartons dedicated to many industries, including e-commerce, wholesalers and warehouses and moving companies. The cartons are made of high-quality 3- or 5-layer corrugated cardboard, which is characterized by very high rigidity and retention of proper dimensions even despite the full load of its maximum allowable weight. Their durability and stability means that many companies also use them to secure very expensive items, including electronics and home appliances.

Get to know JanBox 700 mm cartons up close

Our 700-800 mm cartons are by far the most durable possible among products from other companies. The cardboard used in their production is rigid and very durable, withstanding a load of many kilograms without affecting the structure and stability. What’s more, we use innovative machinery for the production of 700-800 mm cartons, thanks to which all the cartons we produce are flawlessly made and have identical dimensions within a given series, as well as the same performance parameters. We deliver them in the form of flat sheets, so they do not take up too much space and can be assembled in a dozen seconds without the use of additional tools. We also encourage you to get acquainted with other products available in our store, such as polyester and polypropylene tapes, as well as stretch films and packing tapes, which facilitate the proper packing of many products.

Caring for the environment is also not without significance. At JanBox, we try to care about the welfare of our planet, so we use only ecological solutions and tools for the production of 700 mm cartons. What does this mean? That our brand products do not cause too much impact on the environment and can be further recycled to reduce the amount of waste generated by humans.

Cartons 700 mm JanBox – how to use them

The 700 mm cartons offered by JanBox are considered the best in their price class, and their main advantage is the multiplicity of applications. Among other things, they are perfect for transporting various types of products over very long distances, for example, during international delivery. Their hardness, as well as rigidity and precision of manufacture, make them perfectly able to withstand even multi-day travel in various conditions. Many companies use our 700-800 mm cartons for storage and for bulk deliveries, as well as for moving. In addition, cartons can also help organize workspace in large offices and recreational facilities.

Why should you buy JanBox cartons?

At JanBox, we give complete priority to every cooperation, so we encourage you to place an order with our company today. We guarantee prompt delivery and assistance at every stage. We are also happy to provide detailed explanations on how the cartons are produced and the materials used at each stage. Our company has been setting trends in the packaging and packaging materials market since 2002, so order 700-800 mm cartons today and take advantage of instant delivery and transaction security.