Box designing

Our core activity is designing and manufacturing high-class cardboard boxes. Our raw materialis strong and highly resilient to damage corrugated cardboard satisfying the strictest norms and standards. That is why our products prove to be useful in different situations, e.g.transport, moving house or flat. Beside standard boxes, we offer packaging designed to individual specifications to make them 100% compatible with the needs and requirements of the clients. I guarantee efficient and reliable design technique.


Cardboard packaging design

Our state-of-the-art machinery for production of packaging allows us to make cardboard and paperboard boxes customized in accordance with your order.

Our company has specialised in the production of cardboard packaging for a dozen of years or so. Throughout that period, we have not only gained experience but also priceless expertise which have allowed us to offer our customers superior-quality products and expert service within the agreed deadlines and at competitive prices. Weuse our best endeavours for our offer to be as varied as possible for everybody to find something for him- or herself. Individual designs are made by highly-qualified experts. We can make almost all customers’ ideas come true.

Our offer includes, among other things, flap boxes, shaped boxes, FEFCO boxes, stretch films, packing tapes and various types of accessories. It is worth noting that we use pro-environmental solutions in the production process. Being a renowned cardboard packaging manufacturer, we use environment-friendly, recyclable materials. We offer3/5-layer corrugated cardboard which can be stitched or glued. Our products are FEFCO compliant which is of great important particularly for companies. Our products are dedicated to corporate as well as individual clients.

Flap boxes

This is the most popular type of packaging, used for removal, transport, and storage.

Die-cut boxes

They come in different, complex forms and non-standard dimensions; therefore, they may be used in many different industries.

FEFCO packaging

These boxes are made in accordance with rigorous EU standards.

Designing boxes

We offer box designing services for our paperboard boxes, based on specifications provided by our Customers.

Stretch film

We offer transparent and black stretch films in many different sizes.


We offer various accessories (e.g. polyester film tape and polypropylene film tape), making transport and storage of your goods much easier.

Carton sealing tapes

Carton sealing tapes (grey or transparent) will help secure your packaging and protect it from accidental opening.

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