Clear stretch film

At JanBox, you can order, among other things, cartons in many sizes and for various purposes, as well as additional packaging accessories, including packing tapes and clear stretch films. This accessory is dedicated to securing shipments for shipping and is characterized by a very low unit price and high wear resistance. In our official store you will find top-grade stretch film, made of selected material in the form of linear low-density polyethylene. The film is available in various sizes and can be easily adjusted to the size and weight of the items to be shipped.

Learn the basic features of clear stretch film

The colorless stretch film available from our company is characterized by above-average manufacturing quality and a sensational ratio of strength to purchase price. For its production we used sensational LDPE polyethylene, which provides above-average toughness and thermoplasticity. Thanks to this, the film can withstand very high stretching during packaging and adapts to the irregular shape of the packed item. Its surface is fully resistant to the effects of various atmospheric and external factors, and it does not absorb odors and liquids, so it does not change its appearance throughout the shipping process.

It is also not without significance that the stretch film of our company JanBox is available in many variants. They are all wound on cardboard rolls of different widths, which can be easily adjusted to the size of the items being shipped and their overall weight. Individual films vary in roll width and length. Each roll is wound in a single piece, so it can be trimmed on the fly during the packaging process.

Stretch film – application possibilities

Clear stretch film is one of the most popular packaging materials available on the market, and its main advantage over, for example, paper or ready-made packaging is its high versatility. It can be used, among other things, for packing objects of very irregular and unusual shape in order to protect them from damage, such as mechanical components or home or professional chemicals. This effectively protects them from high humidity and adverse weather conditions, such as rain, snow or intense sunlight. This material, thanks to its tight structure, does not allow any dirt to enter.

Stretch film can also be used to protect various types of objects. Many entrepreneurs use it, for example, to protect beverages, loose and liquid products, gels or packages containing various substances. It is also worth noting that stretch films will be perfect for protection during many works, such as painting. You can wrap workshop tools with it and protect them from dust, sand or varnish.

Why buy stretch film from JanBox?

Our clear stretch film is an excellent choice and stands out in the market for its stretchability and strength. We are a manufacturer of cardboard packaging with 20 years of experience in the market, so we ensure the highest quality of the items we make and use only selected raw materials for their production, which are safe for users and have proven themselves in the shipping industry for many years, for example. With the same commitment, we produce both our flap cartons and packaging tapes and stretch films available in black and clear. It is also not insignificant that we are one of the few companies with a specialized quality control cell.

Place an order in our store today, and if you have any questions, contact us by phone or email. We guarantee sensational customer service, full compliance of the product received with the order, as well as personalized service throughout the entire processing time.