FEFCO 300 – boxes, packaging and telescopic cartons

We offer cardboard packaging boxes included in the FEFCO 300 catalog. The proposed telescopic cartons are available in many sizes. As an experienced manufacturer, we have ensured their compliance with internationally standardized indicators and have taken care of the highest quality of materials and workmanship of our products. We encourage you to choose your preferred types of cartons from the FEFCO 300 catalog and place orders.

FEFCO 300 packaging – versatile and aesthetic telescopic cartons

Telescopic cartons manufactured by our company JANBOX, which we supply as a manufacturer, are cardboard boxes folded by sliding one part over the other. The template included in the catalog for the FEFCO 300 series contains 23 items that vary in size and design. This determines the ease of selection of models profiled for the business or things stored in them.

An important advantage distinguished by telescopic cartons is the ability to conveniently modify the size within a certain range by adjusting the position of the lid in relation to the bottom part, the cardboard box. This makes it possible to reduce the free space inside the package to the maximum, which minimizes the risk of damage to the contents. The ability to change the size of the cardboard box makes it possible to dispense with the purchase of, size-wise, different models As a result, it is possible to speak of extremely efficient management of cardboard packaging and reduce the costs associated with the purchase of many different types of boxes.

An advantage that is appreciated by a great many of our customers is also the fact that products from the FEFCO 300 catalog guarantee exceptionally easy and efficient packaging. This determines a wide range of applications, for example, in production halls or warehouses of shipping companies. Cardboard packaging and cardboard telescopic boxes, which we offer as a manufacturer, are exceptionally popular among owners of online and stationary stores. This is primarily due to the minimalist design, aesthetics and the free surface of the cardboard lid, which is used by distributors or brands to apply marketing and advertising markings.

JANBOX – a proven manufacturer of high-quality telescopic cardboard boxes

The production of high-quality telescopic cardboard packaging and cardboard boxes in accordance with the patterns included in the FEFCO 300 catalog is a responsible task. It is worth entrusting it to a trustworthy manufacturer with adequate machinery and the necessary experience in the industry. It is thanks to this that we are able to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. Full professionalism translates into the precise execution of orders according to the guidelines and designs, so our customers are sure that they receive cardboard boxes perfectly matched to their requirements and comfortable in use. The highest quality of FEFCO 300 cardboard boxes and telescopic packaging is also determined by professional workmanship and the use by our company JANBOX only durable cardboard, which is resistant to damage, impact or the effects of moisture.