Cartons 200-300 mm

At JanBox, since 2002, we have focused on the perfect combination of high quality workmanship and favorable prices. One of the many articles of our production are 250 mm cartons, dedicated to demanding individuals and large and smaller companies carrying out mail order. All of them are perfectly designed and free of design errors, while also ensuring that the item reaches the addressee safely. We also offer the possibility to compose a carton according to your own dimensions, for this purpose we invite you to contact our company by phone or e-mail.

What are the characteristics of cardboard boxes 200-300 mm brand JanBox?

As a company JanBox does not recognize any compromises, so the offered cartons 200-300 mm are perfectly made. For their production we use 3- or 5-layer corrugated cardboard, which is characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage and conditions prevailing, for example, in means of transport. The walls as well as the bottom and top are rigid and do not deform when properly loaded. It is also not without significance that we produce 250 mm cartons using innovative machinery, which allows us to completely eliminate design errors and manufacturing defects.

For those who care about the environment, it will certainly be important to know that we always produce cartons using safe materials that do not have a negative impact on the environment. The cartons themselves, despite the fact that they are disposable, are not waste, which decompose slowly and can lead to pollution of the planet. It is for this reason that 200-300 mm cartons are excellent packaging for shipping.

Ways to use JanBox cartons

There is a reason why 250 mm cartons are considered very versatile. This size is optimal for shipping home accessories, consumer electronics and appliances, car parts, as well as clothing or household chemicals. Cartons are sent in the form of sheets for self-assembly or already pre-assembled. Which choice turns out to be better depends mainly on your expectations and the amount of free space in your home or warehouse. Our 250 mm cartons will prove sensational for domestic shipping, which generally takes from 1 day to 7 working days, as well as for international shipping, which in extreme cases takes up to several months. Shipments sent over very long distances are generally the most likely to suffer a lot of damage due to overloading to other means of transport. Our cartons are among the most resilient on the market, so they are an excellent solution for global companies.

Order directly from the manufacturer today!

At our company JanBox, we offer a number of different proposals for cartons, including 250 mm variants and much smaller and larger models. All of them, regardless of their purpose and size, are a favorable choice in terms of price, as they do not burden the company budget and do not significantly increase the price of shipping, which is covered by the customer or the selected store. Order today, and if you have any questions, contact us by email or phone.