Cartons 600 mm

At JanBox you will find the best products dedicated to companies selling goods by mail order, and among them are 600 mm cartons. They are characterized by the highest possible quality, durability and a wide range of applications, which makes them perfect for any e-commerce industry. The offered cartons are made of 3- or 5-layer corrugated cardboard, the main advantage of which is high durability in relation to very low weight. As a result, 600-700 mm cartons do not increase the weight of the entire shipment and only minimally affect its price. We encourage you to take a look at the entire offer today.

Interesting information about 600 mm cartons JanBox

Cartons 600-700 mm produced by our brand JanBox are characterized, among other things, by excellent workmanship. Corrugated cardboard, which meets all the standards of the European Union, is very rigid and hard, so it provides high resistance to long-term shipping process with, for example, global reach, and at the same time it is also very light and does not affect the price of transportation. High-precision manufacturing is also not without significance. Our machine park consisting of specialized equipment ensures flawless production of 600 mm cartons and full conformity of real dimensions with the expected ones.

For our company, the smallest details count

600-700 mm cartons are perfected to the smallest detail. Among other things, we ensure rigorous quality control at every stage of their production, so that cartons have consistent dimensions within a single batch, as well as the same color and folding method and finish. Many companies offering their own cartons do not pay adequate attention to this fact, so that even the slightest differences in dimensions can make the carton purchased unusable. Not without significance is also the fact that for the production of 600 mm cartons we use only cardboard without chemical components that can, as a result, negatively affect the environment.

Cartons 600 mm are considered very versatile on the e-commerce market and will work well for shipping small and very large items. They can be used for automotive mechanics, household appliances and consumer electronics, as well as small electronic equipment and computer components. The high durability of JanBox cardboard boxes makes them suitable for expensive shipments as well. However, we encourage you to additionally protect the contents with stretch film and tapes available in our company at favorable prices. Cartons, however, can also be used for storage and moving.

Order today directly from the manufacturer

At JanBox, we do not recognize any half-measures and compromises, so we guarantee the best possible customer service and prompt delivery of orders. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions by phone or email and resolve technical issues such as the production of 600 mm cartons. Place your order today and benefit from our 20 years of experience in the market, which has allowed us to gain the greatest possible knowledge of carton production.