Cardboard packaging

If your product needs packaging – here we are. JanBox guarantees the superior quality of cardboard boxes of any kind. Long-term experience, high qualifications and modern production technology have made us a trustworthy, reliable and solid partner. We manufacture cardboards packaging satisfying the highest requirements of our Clients.


We use state-of-the-art machinery for production of packaging thus being able to tailor cardboard packaging and boxes to your specific orders.

As a manufacturer of cardboard packaging, JanBox can satisfy requirements of Clients from various industry sectors relying on modern, durable and environment-friendly packaging.

We offer cardboard packaging to secure goods in transport (collective packaging) or in storage (boxes for goods rotation). We offer a wide range of 3/5-layer corrugated cardboard packaging whether stitched or glued as per the FEFCO international classification.

For example, our offer includes universal flap boxes which may stacked and are easy to adapt to specific dimensions without extra cutting tools or die-cut shaped boxes, extremely functional with unlimited possibilities with regard to non-standard shapes.

Environment-friendly cardboard boxes – superior quality at competitive price

Our product range includes cardboard boxes of various types and sizes, extremely strong and reliable made from natural materials. From t the very beginning of our operation, high quality of the offered products was a priority of JanBox. We manufacturefully recyclable disposable boxes. Using our modern equipment in the cardboard boxes manufacturing process we are able to realise our Customers’ and Client’s orders at competitive prices.

Flap boxes

This is the most popular type of packaging, used for removal, transport, and storage.

Die-cut boxes

They come in different, complex forms and non-standard dimensions; therefore, they may be used in many different industries.

FEFCO packaging

These boxes are made in accordance with rigorous EU standards.

Designing boxes

We offer box designing services for our paperboard boxes, based on specifications provided by our Customers.

Stretch film

We offer transparent and black stretch films in many different sizes.


We offer various accessories (e.g. polyester film tape and polypropylene film tape), making transport and storage of your goods much easier.

Carton sealing tapes

Carton sealing tapes (grey or transparent) will help secure your packaging and protect it from accidental opening.

You need customized packaging items? You have any other questions?