Cartons 750 mm

At JanBox, we have been producing high-quality cartons dedicated to every industry since 2002. Among them you will also find 750 mm cartons, ideal for use in the e-commerce industry as well as in warehouses, production halls and even for removals. The cartons are made of selected 3- or 5-ply corrugated cardboard, giving them unlimited possibilities and at the same time also high strength and very low weight. All of them are precisely made and come in many variations. We also allow the option of producing cartons according to the dimensions specified by the customer, feel free to contact us by phone for further details.

Basic features of 750 mm cartons

Cartons 750 mm produced entirely by our company are characterized, among other things, by very high rigidity and precise execution of the smallest details of their construction, so they can be successfully used also in the most demanding industries. We produce them on a modern production line, using specialized machinery consisting of world-class quality equipment. What does this mean? That all 750 mm cartons have identical external dimensions within a single batch, and there is no problem with assembling them before shipping. Many manufacturers do not pay enough attention to the precision of manufacturing, at JanBox it is quite the opposite. The cardboard box retains its hardness even with the full allowable load, and also does not allow dirt to enter.

Interesting facts about JanBox brand cardboard boxes

Our JanBox brand for the production of 750 mm cartons uses only ecological materials, which are free of chemicals and are completely safe for the environment. Cartons, despite their disposable nature, are thus not waste and can be recycled without much concern. It is for this reason that 700-800 mm cartons are an ideal choice for shipments.

In addition, our products are also free of any design flaws or defects. We have our own quality control cell, where we carry out continuous analysis of the production process and can react quickly to any errors and design flaws. This way, as a customer, you can be sure that you will receive exactly the carton you ordered.

The 700-800 mm cartons can be used as a way to safely pack shipments sent even to other countries. The cardboard retains its rigidity during a multi-day trip and protects the contents well at all times (when properly secured). Cartons can also be used for packing large bulk orders, as well as for moving.

Order JanBox cartons today!

We invite you to purchase 750 mm cartons from JanBox, directly from the manufacturer and without additional costs. We provide prompt order processing and full assistance at every stage of the purchase. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have about our product line by phone and email.