Cartons 650 mm

We founded our company JanBox in 2002, and now after less than 20 years we are one of the largest carton manufacturers on the market. Among other things, our offer includes 650 mm cartons, dedicated to the most demanding e-commerce companies, as well as warehouses and individuals. They are made of top-quality 3- or 5-layer corrugated cardboard, which is characterized by sensational durability and rigidity, but also low weight. Cartons are environmentally friendly and do not represent dangerous waste, and we also supply them in the form of sheets for self-assembly, so they do not take up too much space in small-sized storage rooms.

Why should you opt for JanBox 650 mm cartons?

The 600-700 mm cartons are made entirely of top-grade corrugated cardboard with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. As a result, they do not significantly increase the weight of the entire shipment and do not affect the price of the shipment, which is especially important for e-commerce companies. As a manufacturer with many years of experience in the industry, we also guarantee full quality control at every stage of production. As a result, we always ensure the quality of our products and full dimensional conformity within a single batch. Not without significance is also the fact that the quality control cell in our company is very accurate, thus we have practically completely eliminated the risk of construction errors.

Cartons 650 mm JanBox – details, details and application

Cartons 650 mm by JanBox are very versatile and will work perfectly in a wide variety of applications. The main one is the protection of packages during transport. The high rigidity of JanBox cartons makes them effective in protecting the contents even during international travel, and when properly secured by other means they can also serve as protection for very expensive electronic devices and more.

The 600-700 mm cartons also work great for warehouses. They can be used to store articles ready for shipment and thus ensure proper organization of the workplace. Many of our customers also use cartons to store office supplies and unused equipment in them, for example, in a utility room. In addition, 650 mm cartons are suitable for moving. They can be used to carry clothes, accessories and tableware items, as well as decorations or household appliances and electronics. The possibilities are practically unlimited.

We invite you to purchase 600-700 mm cartons

Order today perfectly made 650 mm cardboard boxes from JanBox and take advantage of the rapid implementation of the order and our assistance at every stage of cooperation. Our employees will be happy to dispel any doubts about our product range, as well as answer technical questions.