Each type of goods requires adequate packaging and protection during storage and transport. Therefore, as a manufacturer of cardboard packaging, we also offer strong and resistant packing tapes – ideal for gluing light and heavy cardboard boxes. Depending on the customer needs, we offer traditional adhesive tapes, PP and polyester tapes and stretch films.



We use advanced technology machinery in the manufacturing process thanks towhich we can make cardboard packaging and boxes tailored to your specific requirements.

Multi-purpose packing tapes
Using packing tapes enables easy and effective protection of the cardboard packaging. Traditional adhesive tapes are most commonly applied. Our product range includes grey and transparent adhesive tapes which are strong and can be universally applied.

We also offer PP and polyester packing tapes. The PP tapes (binding) tapes are resistant to deformations and recommended for packs and pallets of any size. They are universally applied for packing goods using taping devices. The polyester tapes are also ideal for fixing any type of goods; they are certainly more efficient with heavy parcels with sharp or uneven edges and shapes. Additionally, those tapes are also extremely resistant to weather conditions and impact.

The generally used packing materialis stretch film which could not have been excluded from our offer. We have black and colourless stretch film in 4 net weight options (1.5 kg, 2 kg, 2.5 kg, and 3 kg). The stretch film is also reliable protection against dust and moisture and increases stability of the package on the pallet. An additional advantage of the transparent film is the fact that it enhances the control. And identification of the product on the pallet; the black film allows masking of the product on the pallet.

Flap boxes

This is the most popular type of packaging, used for removal, transport, and storage.

Die-cut boxes

They come in different, complex forms and non-standard dimensions; therefore, they may be used in many different industries.

FEFCO packaging

These boxes are made in accordance with rigorous EU standards.

Designing boxes

We offer box designing services for our paperboard boxes, based on specifications provided by our Customers.

Stretch film

We offer transparent and black stretch films in many different sizes.


We offer various accessories (e.g. polyester film tape and polypropylene film tape), making transport and storage of your goods much easier.

Carton sealing tapes

Carton sealing tapes (grey or transparent) will help secure your packaging and protect it from accidental opening.

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