White Cardboard Boxes

We have been present on the market for over 20 years, constantly expanding our product offerings. Currently, at JANBOX, you can order several types of accessories, including white cardboard boxes. These are easy-to-assemble packages with a hinged construction. They are commonly used to safely transport items or store goods in warehouses. We prioritize well-made boxes, paying attention to their construction based on high-quality materials. As a result, you can purchase a product with significant durability and functionality at an attractive price.

Customized Cardboard Boxes Just as You Need Them

We are not only capable of producing white cardboard boxes but also designing them according to your requirements. Just contact us, and JANBOX experts will present you with options regarding the height, width, and length of the boxes. They will also provide technical details about the assembly of the packaging, although there are relatively few of them. We must emphasize that folding the white custom cardboard is easy and takes a short amount of time. Whether it’s a one-time order or a long-term partnership, we always strive to be flexible and meet all the needs of our clients. With our assistance, you can design boxes that fully meet your expectations, characterized by practicality and durability.

Durable Packaging for Transportation and Storage

JANBOX’s high-quality white cardboard offers numerous benefits. Firstly, it has a stable structure. Secondly, the walls of the packaging provide good protection for the contents inside. The cardboard sides effectively resist mechanical damage and adverse weather conditions. It’s also worth mentioning the ergonomic design of the boxes. The packages have an adjustable center, which facilitates fitting a larger number of items inside. Additionally, if needed, the white cardboard box can be disassembled, significantly reducing the amount of space it occupies. These advantages make our products ideal for transporting goods or storing them in warehouses.

Printing on Cardboard at JANBOX

When you purchase a white cardboard box with a lid, you get the opportunity for free advertising. The walls of the box are perfect for placing promotional materials of your company. We offer flexographic prints, which are created using polymer forms. Their main characteristic is an impressive minimalist design, combined with high resistance to wear. The JANBOX print palette includes logos, text, and selected patterns, among other options. Of course, the final version of the graphic design that can be applied to white cardboard boxes always requires the client’s approval. We offer you extensive advertising possibilities, which will help strengthen your brand’s position in the minds of buyers.

Order Boxes with Essential Accessories

If you have already ordered the appropriate white cardboard boxes, it’s worth considering useful accessories. Particularly for companies in the shipping industry, modern packaging fillers should be included in your scope of interest. They fill empty spaces inside the package, stabilizing various items. This is especially important when delicate products, such as glassware, are involved. Is it worth taking care of? Definitely yes, considering that the shipment often lasts several hours and goes through multiple transfer centers during that time. The fillers will provide proper cushioning for the accessories, while the white custom cardboard will protect them from external threats.

Timely Deliveries at a Good Price

At JANBOX, we ensure compliance with the agreements made with our clients. White cardboard boxes with lids are always delivered according to the established schedule. We prioritize maintaining the highest standards of customer service, which is why we pay great attention to transparent contracts. Our clients know from the beginning what range of services they can expect and how they will be executed. In case of unforeseen circumstances, we strive to be as flexible as possible in meeting customer requirements. Choose high-quality packaging, select reliable and functional white cardboard from JANBOX! Trust over 20 years of experience in the market. We encourage you to contact us by phone