Pizza boxes with logo and printing

At JanBox, we have always focused on offering a range of high-quality products since our inception. Among them, you will find pizza boxes, which are an essential item for any pizzeria that delivers pizza to a specified address. The pizza boxes available in the official JanBox store are characterized by their high quality and the use of modern materials such as 3- or 5-layer corrugated cardboard. They also offer the highest durability and resistance to bending or other mechanical damage, making them an excellent solution for any restaurant that also offers pizza.

Key features of printed pizza boxes

The printed pizza boxes offered by our company have several features that are worth noting. One of them is their high quality. We use carefully selected 3- or 5-layer corrugated cardboard in their production, which is known for its high rigidity and ability to maintain optimal dimensions even under full allowable load. The cardboard also performs well in high humidity and the temperature inside the pizza box, ensuring it does not delaminate or change its shape before delivery to the customer. Many lower-quality boxes degrade quickly due to the challenging conditions inside, while our pizza boxes are virtually resistant to these conditions, maintaining their shape and form.

Why every pizzeria should opt for personalized boxes?

In Poland, pizza is one of the most frequently chosen takeaway dishes delivered to specific addresses, thanks to its convenient serving style and excellent taste. Customers appreciate its easy consumption in larger groups without the need for utensils or tableware. However, to ensure that the pizza reaches the customer without any visible damage, it should be properly packaged immediately after being taken out of the oven.

Pizza boxes have several important functions. Firstly, they protect the pizza from external factors such as dust, insects, or airborne contaminants, including odors. Additionally, the pizza box should protect it from mechanical damage and allow for the transportation of multiple pizzas stacked on top of each other. Pizza boxes should also prevent the pizza from cooling down too quickly, so they should be tightly sealed and free of large ventilation openings.

Pizza boxes look best when personalized. It’s worth placing the logo of the pizzeria, its address, or even the current menu on the outer surface. This solution has a significant impact on the image of the pizzeria. At JanBox, personalized pizza boxes are always an excellent choice.

Discover more details about JanBox’s pizza boxes

JanBox’s pizza boxes are fully ecological and safe for health, allowing direct contact with food. They do not alter the taste or affect the aroma, and they do not stick to the surface of the pizza or leave any residue. It’s worth noting that boxes made from low-quality materials can allow contaminants and odors from the outside to penetrate the interior. In contrast, our proprietary boxes are precisely designed to match the specific diameter of the pizza and feature precise closure mechanisms.

Quality control is also of great importance to us. Our employees constantly monitor all production activities, and our innovative machinery ensures that the external dimensions and structural characteristics of the pizza boxes are always in line with the order.