Cardboard Corner Protectors

Cardboard corner protectors are designed to safeguard the corners and edges of shipped packages and individual items. In our store, you will find variants with different lengths and shapes that will suit any company engaged in online sales, wholesale, and manufacturing facilities. The cardboard corner protectors for pallets are made of high-quality multi-layered cardboard, known for its high rigidity and resistance to mechanical damage. Take a look at all the available corner protectors and place your order today. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by phone or email. We will gladly address any technical inquiries and provide answers beyond.

What are cardboard corner protectors used for?

Cardboard corner protectors have an L-shaped cross-section and differ in their length expressed in linear meters and width. Their primary function is to protect the edges and corners of shipped items, which are most susceptible to damage during domestic and international transport. This is especially crucial for bulky items such as loudspeakers or construction materials. Damage to their edges can ultimately result in the withdrawal of a specific product from sale or a price reduction for the end customer.

Cardboard corner protectors offer significant cost savings compared to their purchase price, making them worthwhile for shipping expensive, large, and heavy products from various industries. Furthermore, they are straightforward to use, as they only require being attached with packing tape, without the need for additional tools or accessories. Cardboard corner protectors also take up little space; they can be placed against a wall or stacked vertically, one on top of the other.

The packing process significantly impacts a company’s image

It is worth noting that cardboard corner protectors can have the most significant impact on the condition of the shipped item upon arrival. Transport companies typically do not handle packages delicately, making them prone to shifting, dropping, vibrations, and even being thrown by careless employees of certain shipping companies. This makes proper packaging essential for all e-commerce entrepreneurs who consider shipping as their primary business activity.

A customer who receives a package and notices damaged edges may expect a refund or a price reduction. They rarely agree to accept the defective product free of charge. What does this mean? Often, it leads to substantial costs, including replacing the item with a new one and selling the damaged product at a significantly lower price. However, the financial losses are not the only consequence. The failure to use cardboard corner protectors can lower a company’s rating and tarnish its reputation online, as every customer nowadays can leave feedback on various review platforms.

Quality of cardboard corner protectors for pallets

JanBox’s cardboard corner protectors for pallets stand out from the rest due to their excellent quality. We use only high-grade cardboard for their production, ensuring exceptional rigidity and dimensional stability despite heavy loads, high and low temperatures, and even some level of moisture. Our cardboard corner protectors are dedicated to protecting even the most expensive and valuable products, as damage to them can significantly impact a company’s budget. Therefore, all our products are flawlessly crafted. With our in-house quality control unit, we identify any manufacturing defects and flaws during production. We also utilize the best and specialized machinery and equipment. Order your cardboard corner protectors today! We are a packaging manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in the market. Benefit from our knowledge and extensive expertise today.