FEFCO 700 – single-piece glued boxes

Wondering how to optimize the packaging stage of your products? As a manufacturer, we recommend glued cardboard packaging, which will reduce the time of this process as much as possible. One-piece cardboard boxes, unlike two-piece packaging (which must be additionally connected to each other), are characterized by easy and instant folding. These containers work well for transporting heavy materials, including glass, as the factory-applied adhesive gives additional reinforcement to the structure. Catalog 700 offers a choice of customized packages for specific product groups, such as yogurt or bulk bottle boxes. The most commonly used in apparel wholesalers is the FEFCO 703 glued carton.

Application of glued single-piece cartons

Depending on the purpose of the box, manufacturers usually opt for specific models of single-piece cardboard boxes. We distinguish FEFCO boxes within this area:

700-701, 703, 747-748 – universal containers, used, for example, in the distribution of wholesale quantities of clothes sent to stores,
711-718 – glass packaging (dividers protect bottles from shocks),
751-752 – used as bulk carton packaging for yogurts,
770-774 – transportation and storage of fruits and vegetables.

The added value is unquestionably the possibility to use a single-piece glued carton as a space for additional brand advertising. For this purpose, FEFCO cardboard boxes are ordered with an imprint, such as the manufacturer’s logo (often on the 703 package) or an eye-catching design or marketing slogan.

FEFCO 700 cardboard boxes – manufacturing

As an environmentally friendly manufacturer of cardboard packaging, including FEFCO 703 single-piece glued cartons, we base production on:

recyclable natural raw materials,
durable corrugated cardboard materials of 3 and 5 layers,
use of the latest equipment,
use of modern technologies.

We respect the possibility of individual orders (modification of the catalog), depending on customer needs.

FEFCO 700 – cartons available on request

For packing glass bottles, glasses or other products that require additional dividers to secure the goods, FEFCO cardboard boxes from the series 711-718 will work best. If, on the other hand, you are a manufacturer of products that are less demanding to transport, such as clothes, we recommend a single-piece cardboard box 703. Packages in the 700 category are also used as additional advertising space, so be sure to consider this form of increasing your brand recognition. At JanBox you can order cardboard boxes personalized not only in terms of modifications, such as the dimensions of the container, but also bearing the imprint of your choice. We will suggest you the best solutions tailored to your needs.

Can’t decide which type is most suitable for your enterprise? Will the universal FEFCO 703 cardboard box model suffice, or maybe the dedicated 770? Feel free to get help from our experts! Be sure to check out the offer for single-piece glued cartons available at JanBox.