Cartons 800 mm

At JanBox, for 20 years of market presence, we have established ourselves as the best carton supplier in the country. We are a brand that pays attention to all the details and does not recognize any half-measures, which can be seen perfectly with 800 mm cartons. They are made of 3- or 5-layer corrugated cardboard with above-average resistance to mechanical damage, which provides great security for the items placed inside. We deliver them to the customer in the form of sheets for self-assembly, so they do not take up too much space in storage, and at the same time they are also very easy to assemble, without the use of additional tools and accessories.

In 800 mm cartons, it is the quality of workmanship that counts

The 800 mm cartons are among the largest in our range, which means that they are subjected to particularly high loads. That is why we used for their production the highest quality corrugated cardboard, which has undergone many tests and is characterized by very high rigidity, and at the same time light weight. Our cardboard boxes are recognized on the market as by far the best in their class and give the impression of being very massive, which says a lot about their real quality. It should also not be overlooked that 800 mm cartons are always perfectly made.

The quality control we carry out, combined with modern machinery, ensure that individual cartons are always free of manufacturing errors and defects, and feature identical external dimensions within a given series. Specialized employees constantly monitor the production process and make any required changes on an ongoing basis.

High versatility of 800 mm cartons

800 mm cartons have a lot of free space inside, so they will be perfect for, among other things, shipping large and quite massive items from various industries. They will be an excellent choice for the e-commerce industry for mail order of household appliances and electronics, as well as auto mechanic parts or clothing. They are also a great solution in warehouses and wholesalers as a way to deliver many smaller unit packages to the recipient, such as creams and small electronic equipment, as well as in company utility rooms. They can be used to store redundant office accessories and even unnecessary documents or other items. It’s also worth using them for a move, and they can be used to put practically everything in them – from clothes to household accessories to tableware.

Where to buy 800 mm cartons?

The 800 mm cartons produced at JanBox are distinguished by the highest possible quality, so they will work perfectly in most different industries. In our company, we have been constantly making some changes since 2002, which now make our cartons recognized as the best in their price class. Order today, take advantage of fast delivery and fulfillment, and call us if you have any questions or concerns. You can also take advantage of the production of cartons according to your own guidelines, for this purpose we encourage you to contact us by phone.