Boxes for Vinyl Records

Years of experience in the market have allowed us to develop methods for producing custom cardboard boxes tailored to the demanding needs of our customers. Complex, intricate, durable, and easy-to-handle packaging guarantees satisfaction in terms of logistics and the final delivery of the package to the specified address. The aesthetics also play a significant role, as it increasingly influences building positive shopping experiences in the e-commerce industry and, consequently, expanding customer loyalty. We offer boxes for vinyl records that allow for secure shipment during transport without the need for additional assembly elements. These durable, sturdy, and biodegradable cardboards meet the highest quality criteria, ensuring that the records are delivered in pristine condition. This is particularly important for music enthusiasts who consider vinyl playback as a unique musical experience. Any irregularities could potentially damage valuable specimens of their favorite artists.

Lightweight, eco-friendly, and durable vinyl record boxes

We manufacture vinyl record boxes using white or gray cardboard. They have a minimalist and aesthetic appearance, meeting the visual requirements of vinyl music collectors. The strong, durable 3-ply and 5-ply corrugated cardboard eliminates the risk of damage not only to the contents but also to the packaging itself. By choosing reliable and extensively tested vinyl record boxes, you effectively eliminate the risk of complaints due to visible dents and damages that usually raise concerns among customers upon initial inspection. We have ensured that the cardboard is reinforced in such a way that even contaminants and demanding weather conditions do not significantly affect the visual effect of the package. In our range of custom boxes, we have included a series of boxes made of durable cardboard obtained exclusively from natural materials that fit vinyl records, so you do not need to take additional measurements.

Secure packaging for vinyl records

The packaging for vinyl records has been designed in a complex form and size suitable for securely packaging the medium. They are used in the music industry and various stores specializing in the sale of vinyl records. Moreover, they are easy and simple to assemble. The high-quality production that distinguishes the packaging for vinyl records translates into customer satisfaction with the services provided. Our offer stands out due to our individual approach and perfectly designed solutions that allow for a perfect fit of the cardboard box to its contents. The box for vinyl records is durable and sturdy, minimizing the risk of damage during transportation.

Why choose Janbox packaging for vinyl records?

We prioritize quality and precise material fitting. We care about safety and take an individual approach to each order. We are well aware that packaging for vinyl records cannot be arbitrary, which is why we have made every effort to ensure that the cardboard meets the demanding needs of the music industry consumers. Solid packaging is our advantage for a reason. When working on a project, we always consider all inconveniences. We want the final design to solve the most common problems of our customers, which is why we use strong cardboard and natural materials. Furthermore, our box for vinyl records has been developed based on the improvement of ideas. By learning from mistakes and observing the market, we were able to create the best and most satisfying solution. We encourage you to explore the details of our offer, where we have also prepared packaging tailored to individual requirements. During the finalization of the transaction, we prioritize comfort and convenience, providing professional advice, short delivery times, and a production process that utilizes modern technologies. We are confident that our lightweight and highly durable boxes provide proper protection during transport for all vinyl enthusiasts.