Cardboard packaging

Our company has been successfully operating in the market for more than a dozen years. The cardboard packaging we produce is used in a wide variety of industries. They are a real hit with both companies and individuals. We make every effort to ensure that the assortment is diversified. Thanks to this, we are sure that everyone will find something suitable for themselves here. In addition, we offer professional packaging design according to the specifications provided by the customer. This is the best option for those who need boxes with non-standard dimensions or shapes.


Manufacturer of cardboard and cardboard packaging

We have the latest packaging production machines, so we can make cardboard packaging and cardboard boxes specifically for your individual order.

Our company is a specialized manufacturer of cardboard packaging. We perfectly understand the needs of customers. It is on their basis that our offer was created. We offer cardboard packaging, which are made in accordance with current standards and EU regulations. This makes it easy to use them in enterprises of various industries. Of special note is the fact that the boxes are made from natural raw materials. Despite the fact that they are disposable, they do not pose any threat to the environment. They can be reused, thanks to recycling.

Of great interest among customers are flap cartons, which are the simplest and yet most versatile. It is also good to mention cut packaging, which is more complex, and at the same time impressive and practical. All products are made with attention to the smallest detail. We not only have innovative machinery, but also advanced tools. We use durable 3 and 5 corrugated cardboard (in white or gray).

We produce packaging according to individual customer needs.


Flap packaging

This is the most common type of packaging, which is used during removals, or transportation or storage.

Folding cartons

They come in complex forms and non-standard dimensions, so they can be used in many different industries.

FEFCO Packaging

These boxes are made in accordance with strict European standards.

Packaging design

We offer a cardboard packaging design service based on specifications provided by the customer.

Stretch films

Posiadamy folie stretch w kolorze bezbarwnym oraz czarnym (w rozmaitych wielkościach).


We offer a variety of accessories (such as polyester and polypropylene tapes), which will make the transportation and storage of goods easier.

Packaging tapes

Packaging tapes (gray or clear) help protect packages from unexpected opening.

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Cardboard 600x400x400

Robust and durable cardboard box will be perfect for transporting a variety of cargo.

Cardboard 500x300x300

Corrugated cardboard packaging is characterized by above-average durability and resistance to damage.

Cardboard 500x300x400

Sturdy cardboard boxes are reliable during transportation or storage.

Cardboard 350x250x150

The excellent quality cartons are fully adapted to the type and weight of the cargo.